Sunday, 25 September 2016

Unsung Sunday Song

Battle Plans At Dawn

The birds report in evening song
Rabbits confer in fields
And as the day distills ere long
Descends a blanketing shield.


“Calm now, rest” whispers Nature,
“From the ravishes of man,
We’ll begin again tomorrow,
To salvage what we can.”

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

International Day of Peace 2016

Doubt and Deceit

Doubt and Deceit were married by Anger
Witnessed by Hurt and Pain.

In guises of reason, they committed high treason 
To enslave honest folk for their gain. 

Patience wed Tolerance by Compassion and Care
So Joy rallies troops on her steed.
Theft is abuse, so this armoury's true use
Is to nurture and to nourish those in need. 

Honesty and Trust were married by Love
Witnessed by Faith and good Hope.

Shining forth to light, by helping all to stay bright
For binding to Harmony's sacred rope. 

Courage honest troops to silence nincompoops
For humanity like Peace wears a veil
Be sturdy and true, cling to valour, (please do)
And Sense will blow Calm to prevail.

Copyright WildeHeads

Friday, 2 September 2016

Friday's Fools of Twits Whoo-Whoo

Fusby Foozle

Fusby Foozle was a complete and utter doozle
He worn a striped shirt when he set out to work
And dabbed his paint stick on his snoozle.  
A felonious twit who swquarked a fair bit
Which hardly found favour or perk
He sits in a cage in a terrible rage
Unless fed all the day - what a berk!

Flirty Fleer

Fastidious Flirty Fleer
Would preen herself and sneer
At any who would feather fluff her day
Though sharp and very glam
Twas all mere toot and flam
But impressive all the same, that display.