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Research File: Part 2 - Jobsites for the Disadvantaged

Huge apology: to all those who have been waiting for this list and most of all to the followers who I just haven’t got the time and energy left to list. By 'followers' I mean those I have followed on Twitter regardless of whether or not they have reciprocated. That to me is irrelevant so long as everyone is helping the most disadvantaged in as many legal, ethical, caring, compassionate, efficient and above all, safe ways as possible. 

A warning about campaigning for rights

I have been doing my best to fight for the rights of the most vulnerable for a long time now – let my recent health problems serve as a warning to all. Never attempt to fight for rights on your own even when you have powerful connections. Those connections will never come out in the open when the world is this hostile if it jeopardises in any way whatsoever their own sterling efforts elsewhere which are usually far better established and therefore already recognised. Better to never ask them than risk losing their efforts too.

As before, I take no responsibility for how good or bad these services are; much depends on how receptive people are to accepting help and how good individual members of staff are. When it comes to staff though, it is ENTIRELY the employers responsibility to train employees properly and support not only their learning but, to do all they can to avert stress to ensure they can continue to be brilliant staff. Pressure, in my honest opinion, is a good thing as from it we exceed our own expectations and perceived limitations. Stress is very bad as it is a sign of overloading and target driven peformance and is therefore often not a good idea when it comes to the well being and welfare of others. Health before wealth is never more important than when it comes to empowering the disadvantaged.

When it comes to the disadvantaged though it gets rather complicated to legislate and be fair precisely because everyone is different and therefore everyone has very particular, individual and bespoke needs. Smaller organisations (staff wise), in my experience tend to fair better on delivery for this reason as the more personal the service is, the more bespoke it becomes and the higher the rate of success. It explains why smaller care facilities housing smaller groups of people have steadily emerged and grown in popularity. When it comes the housing the most in need that's perfect, but as to other services...

As stated in a tweet, not everyone who is disadvantaged wants to use the support services on offer simply because they do not ever wish to be seen as victims or as being in anyway vulnerable. Name me someone who isn’t vulnerable, disabled or not? This is why Part 1 of these Jobsite lists was for everyone. 'Disabled' is a word I detest with a purple passion when it comes to people – far better it was only used for inanimate things. I loathe it being used for people as it instantly puts others in the wrong frame of mind with regard to viewing their fellow humans simply for being different from ourselves. The word implies limits. Again, name me someone who hasn’t got them! 

Being flat footed I doubt I would ever have made a world class footballer, although that is more to do with my lack of interest than what is possible as last year’s Paralympics more than amply demonstrated. This time last year most of us able-bodied Brits were wondering whether it would even be worth watching and were quite prepared to laugh at what we saw as well as cringe. Have we changed as a result of what we saw? I did... I thought I had respect for the 'disabled' before... now I am just blown away by them. What to me remains sad about the Paralympics is that while great strides (pardon the pun), have been made to aid paraplegics, the blind, the deaf etc a huge barriers to accessing these wonderful resources persist and that barrier is extremely complex; doubly so if we think of it in psychological terms as well. 

Top of the list of impediments to progress is finance of course. We are living in dark times financially and in a world where people are still commonly perceived to be unable to contribute through work due to health reasons, people don’t want to spend the time and money to empower them to be able to. Am I wrong? Bizarre when one thinks that if no one had we would not have the likes of Stephen Hawkings or the benefit of his brain power to unlock many a scientific mystery and it is after all science we rely on most to help solve health problems of all kinds, right? Therefore it is illogical and unethical in the extreme not to help all the disadvantaged find their of communicating and contributing to our world, which includes the homeless, the mentally ill and many others that you never noticed at the Paralympics. How many great talents have we missed due to such ‘retarded’ thinking throughout all history so far? How many are we missing right now that could sort out the economic crisis in a minute or global warming or... who knows? We DO NOT know unless WE try harder to help them share what they know. 

I am disgusted that despite my own best efforts this list is so woefully short. Quite frankly it shouldn’t be. Therein lies the real crux of the problem – prejudice, fear of the unknown and stigma of all kinds has to stop as it costs nations so much money to maintain for it only ever serves to escalate and self-perpetuate problems. Remember that this is all for the lack of wit for the investment required.

Do we prefer negative equity situation and bottomless financial pit OR do we prefer a positive profit situation where everyone can contribute in some way for the good of the economy and of its nation’s health. IF we can get it right then that really would be a win/win situation as people 
want to feel valued and want to feel needed regardless of how many limbs they have, learning difficulties, mentally illness, blindness, deafness, homelessness, addiction problem or being mute etc. THIS IS A UNIVERSAL FACT - so please world... let’s help all can we and stop wasting any more time over it.

Oh... I went of topic again... I can't think why. Maybe it's because I am not convinced that enough people are smart enough yet to recognised the wisdom of supporting the most in need. Back to why people choose different methods and routes of support, (as it if shouldn't already be obvious)! 

Some disadvantaged people prefer dedicated employment services tailored to their disadvantages to empower them, hence this list. Phew


By far the best general source of information I found was BASE; hence it’s top of the list, whether it’s had time to update since I last looked, I simply don’t know. As before all links were working when I found them... heaven knows if they are now though. Regional services often have counterparts in other areas thanks to recent government initiatives and most work collaboratively. Be patient while you take your turn in the long queue and while they assess YOUR needs. Miracles don’t tend to happen instantaneously for the disadvantaged of any ilk. Regrettably, they are all to accustomed to having to wait their turn in such queues.

BASE British Association for Supported Employment

Extremely useful sources of help

Action for Blind People
Central London Connexions (young people)
Clacks Supported Employment Services (Scotland)
Crisis (for homeless people)
Ellingham (for learning disabilities)
Enterprise Lab
IAS Imagine, Act & Succeed (Learning Disabilities)
Into Work (Scotland)
Keysteps (mental health or learning disabilities)
Leonard Cheshire Disability
National Autism Society
Princes Trust (which also helps with people over 50 wanting to start a business)
Pure Innovations Ltd
Queen Elizabeth's Foundation
RBLI (Armed Forces)
Remploy (for disabled people)
Richmond Fellowship
Royal Association for Deaf People
Scope (for disabled people)
Stepping Stones
The Shaw Trust
Turning Point
United Response
Youth Employment Network

Other Employment Adviser Services

Ah yes, other employment adviser services... what a can of worms. While on benefits I have test driven a couple of these and while they can and often are very good for some, again the attitude of one fix cures all is er... less than helpful not to mention archiac. Aside from the National Skills Council, whose website leaves a lot to be desired when I last looked at it but otherwise they were superb, I applied to most of the following companies for a job as an employment adviser. I was rejected by all of them and not even short-listed for interview by any despite being supported with the applications! The feedback when they bothered to give me any was interesting...

“We don’t employ from our service users, past or present” and “we didn’t feel you had any relevant qualifications or experience.” and “You don’t have any recruitment qualifications.”

The latter is quite right, I don’t. What I have is real life experience of hiring, firing and disciplinary procedures as a manager who employed people. Evidently that is totally irrelevant to the real world of employment despite having done so as nearly my very first job. This is not to say qualifications are unnecessary (I myself have teaching, BSL and counselling qualifications to name a few - again no possible use to the unemployed needing help and to learn new skills), 
but... qualifications are not always necessary as I have found when I have employed people. Attitude and aptitude for me have always been far more important as an employer especially if you have to unpick bad habits from bad training. Silly me for even bothering to try to be an employment advisor – I mean it’s not as if I could come up with a more comprehensive list than any of those I test drove have to date is it? 

What is even more worrying is that by rejecting candidates from their service users none of them can claim to offer a particularly good service and yet most of them are paid £14,000 per service user from the government for providing it last time I checked. They are not even trying to endorse their own services and often do not even follow their own advice with regard to providing feedback. These are facts and the thing about facts is that you can never argue with them. I sincerely hope this blog will go some way to instigate much needed reforms as I don’t know about anyone else, but I am rather weary of con-merchants giving good companies a bad name. As ever I won’t name and shame individual companies as it’s up to them to figure out solutions for their faults and as mentioned not all of them are con-merchants - they might have changed or are changing their ways already. Try them, complain if need be and move on to try another is all I can suggest.

When unemployed, you haven’t the time to campaign – except to add your name to petitions that already exist. Only when employed, do people bother to rate you as worthy of holding an opinion... even if you’ve been a highly successful CEO but for health or other reasons... tough you won't be heard if you're not working. So... good luck. DO hop on a search engine for more ‘employment adviser services’ to find more links.

Top of the list this time is a government funded operation, because they do try extremely hard to help... despite appearances and many an error. No one can correct errors if they are not logically, lucidly and calmly reported. Yes, I know I am struggling with that again... I wonder why!

National Skills Service

A4e Scotland
A4e Wales
Bedford Training Group
Career recruit
EAS Employment Advisory Specialists
Fusion People
Ingeus UK Ltd
Kennedy Scott
Learning Links
Morgan Hunt
NASES (support for students)
Spirit Resourcing
Spring Personnel
Student Employment Services
Workplace Options


Things are changing rapidly so new companies and organisations are emerging all the time among charities, social enterprises, (including CICs) and among social firms which specialise in helping every kind of disadvantaged person gain paid employment or voluntary work of some kind. There are so many of them popping up now that it is nigh on impossible to keep track of them... unless the government can help by providing us with a directory of all of them at some point. (Good luck to the admin team on that one as that’s no easy or quick undertaking!)


As ALL unemployed people are highly intelligent I am sure that by some means or another they will be able to find all the NEW services that are emerging that I have spotted and started to follow on twitter. Twitter is a font of knowledge, some pleasing some alarming. Be selective in what you seek as it is the best source I know of for spotting new initiatives to continuously to those I follow almost daily. As before, this Jobsite list is only a starting point. I’ve worked with the disadvantaged one way or another most of my life now – there’s not one of them that cannot achieve what THEY WANT given the time and support.

Much depends on where they are on their journey as to the level of support they require as well as what exactly it is that they choose to explore or do with their lives. Same for everyone isn’t it? Well, no actually it isn’t because while all the principles and laws are there to help... access and people’s ability to function remains largely restrictive for the most vulnerable people of all. A few people make it but way too many slip through all the safety nets there are to prevent it happening. To fight for your rights from that position is arguably the MOST stressful thing anyone could ever think of trying. 

Well done to those how have done so thus far. Some have died in their attempts already. Would that we had seen the back of all that by now, but at least we are overall, heading in the right direction at last. Delays for me are always caused by dealing with numpties and the unenlightened. I have a new policy for dealing with them... I have resolved to not give them my time anymore... seems fair when they studiously avoid giving me theirs. If they don’t like it, well... they shouldn’t dish it out! Simple as. That's how I was brought up to deal with bullies.

I can forgive mistakes when people own up to making them, but otherwise... forget it if they are that determined to repeat them ad infinitum to the detriment and suffering of others which in many cases is wholly avoidable.

I hope my meagre efforts trigger greater ones from you!

PS: Perhaps now I can get back to MY chosen creative endeavours to help people in the first instance find their voice. Updates later, after I and my family have dealt with my medical results. Hence, why I am supremely disinterested in debts, creditors, or profit and loss figures just now. Sorry and all that but deal with it... I don't have the choice.

Founder's Thoughts: The pros and cons of technology

Today has just about finished me off internet and technology wise, as from my own experience in the last couple of months alone what was once wonderful and helpful for all is now becoming almost too problematic to even consider bothering with. Why is that though. Surely all problems have a logical and ethical solution... don't they? Well yes they do but with something as powerful and as influential as the internet that would take some doing.

Think about it... to fix ever single glitch takes not just one highly intelligent team of professional boffins but thousands of them at least. And in the meantime what are all it's customers supposed to do while that is happening? Stop functioning altogether? Nope... we do the sensible thing and stop hounding, moaning and complaining and revert to old tried and tested methods of communication prior to the advent of the internet is what we do. We calm down because let's face it... aren't we ALL rather overloaded by the pace of life and progress anyway? Couldn't we all do with slowing up.

To take one example from today... Twitter is busy trying to improve it's facilities to cope with ever increasing demand and, no doubt in response to what we ourselves are screaming out for. Unlike other services, Twitter can not just close up shop for a week while it does that as it would cause chaos, so it does it's best to fix things 'live'. Being an American company, of course we in Britain get the worst of it because during our working day, most of American (a larger business and social population) sleeps.

In addition to close down for repairs facilities such as social media have to agree globally on a shut-down time schedule which automatically turns it into a global political nightmare if you think about it. Is that really likely to happen in the next 50 years given mankind's history on this planet... I mean... really. We all know it ought to be possible but... realistically, is it in our lifetime.

So my advice on all this is very simple. Take the opportunity to relax, meet people in the flesh and to review your own contingency plans should the internet ever fail completely. Could you cope? I have a hunch you could even if telecommunications failed too. The reason I think that is logical too... it's better than the alternative and we already have functioned wonderfully well prior to the advent of the internet and technological revolution/explosion. They are tools only. Use them if they help. Don't use them if they don't. Simple as that.

Sorry to all those expecting Part 2 of my Jobsite list (for the most disadvantaged), but actually I'd rather get more links in properly listed anyway, so I am grateful for the chance to rest up myself so that I will be in better shape to do just that.

If you can get onto to Twitter though and are in anyway disadvantaged... just see the many organisations, companies and initiatives that I currently follow to help you get started. That's after all the bit I haven't got round to listing anyway, and frankly I could spend all day everyday collecting more, but I know you can do these things (with or without a bit of help) all by yourselves anyway. Eventually I will publish what I've got... maybe even tomorrow just as it is. Be patient (because no one wants to be ill with stress), and take your time to get what you both need and want. Needs always outrank wants.

I think I spend the rest of the day doing more arty things now, or at least until I am ready to try again.

Hope that helps avert a panic!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Research File: Part 1 - Industry Specific Jobsites

The following information is freely available on the Internet. All I have done is compile
the information. I make no apologies for sites I have missed, I am only one person doing
this. The following websites are for specific industry sectors and they are listed 
alphabetically by sector and then by website. WildeHeads does have more job site 
links, but unfortunately I cannot list them all in one go as it would make this blog even 
longer and I figured this would be enough to be getting on with for now. In addition 
this may help job centres, employers to advertise vacancies more effectively and to
invest in social media professionals to ensure their site always comes up first for 
searches although... it hardly seems fair to smaller concerns that cannot afford it.
However, there is help via all the social enterprise agencies for those that fit the 
criteria. For those that don't I think it best to lobby MPs on this matter and who 
knows some entrepreneur might come up with something anyway, probably for a 
fee but hopefully an affordable one.

IMPORTANT: The following is NOT intended to be a complete listing of all job
websites, of recruitment agencies or all industries. It IS intended as a starting point 

WildeHeads and I as it’s founder and loopy lady to ever take the time to do this for free,
were made according to what came up via search engines first at the time. Where 
possible priority was given to impartial or independent advertisers. For Internet 
security reasons in many cases the full link cannot be displayed as sadly some links
increase the risk of hacking. (I don’t mind I can always benefit from extra pennies 
via court cases, but it’s a nuisance and one should encourage people to try). 
Finally given the time it’s taken to get this out as well as the temperamental 
nature of the Internet itself, I cannot guarantee any, far less all of these links 
work or remain valid. (Did my best, someone else can try now! I have other projects 
to work on).

ACADEMIC & RESEARCH (See also university sites)
ANIMAL WELFARE (See also Veterinary and Wildlife)
ARCHEAOLOGY - Sadly only find one site but there maybe others if you ask around
ARTS & DESIGN (See also Media and Design, Film, TV, Theatre and Radio)
AUTOMOTIVE (See also Transport, Engineering and car manufacturer sites etc)
AVIATION (See also Engineering, Technical and Technology and employer sites)
CARE WORK (See also Healthcare and Medical) 
NB: Advanced CRB mandatory
CATERING (See also Hospitality) Food hygiene qualifications applicable but quick courses
CHARITIES (See also Not-for-Profit, Social Enterprises specific sites)
NB: Advanced CRB can be mandatory
CHEMISTRY (See also Science and Academic & Research)
CHILDCARE (See also Care Work, Children's charities, NHS, Healthcare and Medical)
NB: Advanced CRB mandatory
CONSTRUCTION (See also Engineering, Energy, Environment, Academic etc)
DENTISTRY (See also Medical, NHS and employer sites, sorry - all I could find quickly)
EDUCATION (See also Academic & Research and recruitment sites)
NB: Advanced CRB can be mandatory
EMERGENCY SERVICES (See also charity sites for rare opportunities)
NB: Advanced CRB mandatory
ENERGY (See also Sustainability, Engineering, Environmental, Technology etc)
ENGINEERING (See also Construction, Energy, Technology etc)
ENVIRONMENTAL (See also Energy, Engineering, Sustainability, Academic & Research etc)
EVENTS (See also Film, TV & Radio, Hospitality, Arts etc)
EXECUTIVE (See also Managerial) BUT play fair and be nice please

FARMING (See also Environmental)
FASHION & TEXTILES (See also Art & Design and Interior Design etc)
FILM, TV, THEATRE & RADIO (See also Events, Media and Design, Arts etc)
FINANCE (See also Executive and Government websites)
No boos, there are nice fair financiers, honest!
GEOLOGY (See also Science, Academic & Research etc)
GRADUATES (See also Jobs for Younger People, Academic & Research)
HEALTH & SAFETY (See also all other categories!)
Come on folks behave, they save lives or try too
HEALTHCARE (See also Dentistry, Care Work, Childcare etc)
NB: Advanced CRB should be mandatory
HORTICULTURE (See also Farming, Environmental and Natural World)
HOSPITALITY (See also Events, Catering, Tourism etc)
INTERIOR DESIGN (See also Art & Design, Fashion & Textiles, Architecture etc)
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (See also Media, Technical and Technology)
JOBS FOR THE DISABLED - Not many employment agencies for this category.
Boo Hiss, Bad! Grrr :-(
The first link is the best source to others though! YAY!
JOBS FOR YOUNGER PEOPLE (See also Graduates, Voluntary & Seasonal)
Not many... Boo Hiss, Bad, Naughty :-(
JOURNALISM (See also Media and Film, TV, Theatre & Radio)
DO NOT INVADE PRIVACY it's just wrong IMHO, see below!
LEGAL - Useful to have good legal people to safeguard the vulnerable and one's rights and privacy! YAY!
LEISURE (See also Hospitality, Sports, Arts, Events and Tourism etc)
MANAGERIAL (See also Executive) Someone has to be responsible for decisions huh?
MANUFACTURING (See most other categories)
MARITIME (See also Armed Services, Energy, Environmental etc)
MARKETING (See also Media & Design below)
Just don't lie, con or be greedy OK? Play fairly and nicely, thank you
MEDIA & DESIGN (See Marketing, Art & Design, Events, Film, TV, Theatre & Radio and Journalism)
MEDICAL (See also Healthcare, Childcare, Care Work etc)
NB: Advanced CRB usually mandatory
MULTI LINGUAL - Again not many, but seek and ye shall find
MUSICIANS (See also Arts, Media, Film, TV, Theatre & Radio etc)
NATURAL WORLD (See also Environmental, Geology, Animal Welfare, Charities and Wildlife etc)
NOT FOR PROFIT AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISES (See also Voluntary and Charities and check social enterprise organisation's sites) I feel a major sulk coming on now.
Again, not many! :-( 
NB: Advanced CRB can be mandatory
OFFICE WORK (See general recruitment websites there are hundreds from local to national sites)
ONLINE GAMES (See also Information Technology)
PLUMBERS (See also Construction, Energy, Engineering etc) Why so few recruitment sites for the essentials?
PRINTING (See also Media, Journalism etc) Please print nice things and helpful things mostly if possible - I need cheering up!
PRISON SERVICE - There ought to be more recruitment sites for those on probation but are they public?
PROPERTY (See also construction) Well we all need a roof over our heads to work and sleep safe!
PUBLIC SECTOR (See also Government websites) Yes, I know but if we want a democracy... (sigh)
RECRUITMENT - Can be fab or a nightmare but there are thousands of website agencies to pick from, here are just a for recruitment itself
RETAIL (See also, Fashion & Textiles, Automotive, Manufacturing, Marketing etc etc) Use your imagination!
SALES (See also Retail etc as above) Again, a huge area and some sales jobs are NOT target or commission based
SALES-MEDICAL (See also Chemistry, Medical, Healthcare etc) Please DO NOT put profit before health needs and I bet there are more sites than this one too
SCIENCE (See also just about every other sector and category there is) Science effects everything, don't sulk, accept it
SEASONAL (See also Leisure, Tourism, Events, Jobs for Younger People, Jobs for Disabled People, Charities etc etc) You never know until you try
SECURITY (See also Armed Services, Civil Service, Emergency Services etc)
NB: SIA nearly always required
SPORTS (See also, Leisure, Journalism, Voluntary, Charities etc)
SUSTAINABILITY (See also Environmental, Science, Energy etc)
TECHNICAL & TECHNOLOGY (See also Science, Events, Construction, Energy, Engineering, Information Technology, Media etc etc etc!)
TOURISM (See also Seasonal, travel, Leisure, Hospitality etc)
TRANSPORT (See also Automotive, Aviation, Maritime, Engineering etc)
TRAVEL (See also Tourism, Hospitality, Charities etc)
VETERINARY (See also Animal Welfare, Wildlife etc)
VOLUNTARY (See also Charities and all Social Enterprise orgnisations and NVCO) Tap on doors and ask! NB: CRB can be required
WAREHOUSE (See also the thousands of general recruitment agency websites)
WELDING (See also Construction, Energy, Engineering etc etc)
WILDLIFE (See also Animal Welfare and Veterinary etc)
For more ideas see who I follow on Twitter in case I've missed any as I am sure I have. Ooops, sorry!
Electrical, Water and Gas Utilities or indeed Utilities at all- see Contstruction, Engineering etc Children's Entertainers etc... You know all the stuff we need or like that gets taken for granted, but...

Arts and Crafts people... and

PS: Yes, I know CRB is DBS now, but most people are still used to CRB

Phew!  zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz