Monday, 14 November 2016

Moonbeam Dreaming, Monday Meaning

The Moonbeam

Into the frozen darkness

A shaft of blue
Fingered the walls
Silently crawled
Soft edged up the bed
Bathed the sleeper in its shroud
Kissed her head
Lingered for a moment or two
Closed her eyes
And ere its silken sheet withdrew
Caught her sigh.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


"The correct response is silence"


It’s been a long time
Since I heard your voice
Ringing in my head –
A long time
Since the sky caved in
Announcing you were dead.
I welcome you but warily,
Fearing what you’ll say.
Gradually I’m comforted; assured –
You’re but a thought away.

Our daily vow through kinship changes
And just as when you were living;
Few seldom see our ranges
But we remain for giving.

Copyright WildeHeads

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Saturday Senses

The Legacy

Though I don’t fully understand
I am proud of you;
Though you feel burdened by my expectations;
Despise my authority as having no worth or foundation,
Defy my demands on you as being irrelevant to your world –
Other worldly –
You are so like me.

You, my child are my legacy;
A future for this family;
In my image shaking
A product of my making;
In you I wanted to create
A better version than of late.

Copyright Mel Dixon

Friday, 11 November 2016

Eleven Eleven Eleven

Is This Love

Is this love that courts disaster
Spouts its woes and grievance shares
And in deceit claims be master
Over foulest vice and cares.

Is this poison that spills its gasping
Pouts its anger and feeds on glares
And in consumption fills its asking
Matching blows with artful flares.

Is this wisdom that speeds faster
Shouts its pain and sorrow wears
Lies and hits on poorer bastards
Salting sores that it still bears.

It is reason that shines past masking
Flaunts its gauntlet and risks its fares
And in its colours muted asking
Turns triumphant as its dares.

Copyright WildeHeads