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Research File: Part 1 - Industry Specific Jobsites

The following information is freely available on the Internet. All I have done is compile
the information. I make no apologies for sites I have missed, I am only one person doing
this. The following websites are for specific industry sectors and they are listed 
alphabetically by sector and then by website. WildeHeads does have more job site 
links, but unfortunately I cannot list them all in one go as it would make this blog even 
longer and I figured this would be enough to be getting on with for now. In addition 
this may help job centres, employers to advertise vacancies more effectively and to
invest in social media professionals to ensure their site always comes up first for 
searches although... it hardly seems fair to smaller concerns that cannot afford it.
However, there is help via all the social enterprise agencies for those that fit the 
criteria. For those that don't I think it best to lobby MPs on this matter and who 
knows some entrepreneur might come up with something anyway, probably for a 
fee but hopefully an affordable one.

IMPORTANT: The following is NOT intended to be a complete listing of all job
websites, of recruitment agencies or all industries. It IS intended as a starting point 

WildeHeads and I as it’s founder and loopy lady to ever take the time to do this for free,
were made according to what came up via search engines first at the time. Where 
possible priority was given to impartial or independent advertisers. For Internet 
security reasons in many cases the full link cannot be displayed as sadly some links
increase the risk of hacking. (I don’t mind I can always benefit from extra pennies 
via court cases, but it’s a nuisance and one should encourage people to try). 
Finally given the time it’s taken to get this out as well as the temperamental 
nature of the Internet itself, I cannot guarantee any, far less all of these links 
work or remain valid. (Did my best, someone else can try now! I have other projects 
to work on).

ACADEMIC & RESEARCH (See also university sites)
ANIMAL WELFARE (See also Veterinary and Wildlife)
ARCHEAOLOGY - Sadly only find one site but there maybe others if you ask around
ARTS & DESIGN (See also Media and Design, Film, TV, Theatre and Radio)
AUTOMOTIVE (See also Transport, Engineering and car manufacturer sites etc)
AVIATION (See also Engineering, Technical and Technology and employer sites)
CARE WORK (See also Healthcare and Medical) 
NB: Advanced CRB mandatory
CATERING (See also Hospitality) Food hygiene qualifications applicable but quick courses
CHARITIES (See also Not-for-Profit, Social Enterprises specific sites)
NB: Advanced CRB can be mandatory
CHEMISTRY (See also Science and Academic & Research)
CHILDCARE (See also Care Work, Children's charities, NHS, Healthcare and Medical)
NB: Advanced CRB mandatory
CONSTRUCTION (See also Engineering, Energy, Environment, Academic etc)
DENTISTRY (See also Medical, NHS and employer sites, sorry - all I could find quickly)
EDUCATION (See also Academic & Research and recruitment sites)
NB: Advanced CRB can be mandatory
EMERGENCY SERVICES (See also charity sites for rare opportunities)
NB: Advanced CRB mandatory
ENERGY (See also Sustainability, Engineering, Environmental, Technology etc)
ENGINEERING (See also Construction, Energy, Technology etc)
ENVIRONMENTAL (See also Energy, Engineering, Sustainability, Academic & Research etc)
EVENTS (See also Film, TV & Radio, Hospitality, Arts etc)
EXECUTIVE (See also Managerial) BUT play fair and be nice please

FARMING (See also Environmental)
FASHION & TEXTILES (See also Art & Design and Interior Design etc)
FILM, TV, THEATRE & RADIO (See also Events, Media and Design, Arts etc)
FINANCE (See also Executive and Government websites)
No boos, there are nice fair financiers, honest!
GEOLOGY (See also Science, Academic & Research etc)
GRADUATES (See also Jobs for Younger People, Academic & Research)
HEALTH & SAFETY (See also all other categories!)
Come on folks behave, they save lives or try too
HEALTHCARE (See also Dentistry, Care Work, Childcare etc)
NB: Advanced CRB should be mandatory
HORTICULTURE (See also Farming, Environmental and Natural World)
HOSPITALITY (See also Events, Catering, Tourism etc)
INTERIOR DESIGN (See also Art & Design, Fashion & Textiles, Architecture etc)
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (See also Media, Technical and Technology)
JOBS FOR THE DISABLED - Not many employment agencies for this category.
Boo Hiss, Bad! Grrr :-(
The first link is the best source to others though! YAY!
JOBS FOR YOUNGER PEOPLE (See also Graduates, Voluntary & Seasonal)
Not many... Boo Hiss, Bad, Naughty :-(
JOURNALISM (See also Media and Film, TV, Theatre & Radio)
DO NOT INVADE PRIVACY it's just wrong IMHO, see below!
LEGAL - Useful to have good legal people to safeguard the vulnerable and one's rights and privacy! YAY!
LEISURE (See also Hospitality, Sports, Arts, Events and Tourism etc)
MANAGERIAL (See also Executive) Someone has to be responsible for decisions huh?
MANUFACTURING (See most other categories)
MARITIME (See also Armed Services, Energy, Environmental etc)
MARKETING (See also Media & Design below)
Just don't lie, con or be greedy OK? Play fairly and nicely, thank you
MEDIA & DESIGN (See Marketing, Art & Design, Events, Film, TV, Theatre & Radio and Journalism)
MEDICAL (See also Healthcare, Childcare, Care Work etc)
NB: Advanced CRB usually mandatory
MULTI LINGUAL - Again not many, but seek and ye shall find
MUSICIANS (See also Arts, Media, Film, TV, Theatre & Radio etc)
NATURAL WORLD (See also Environmental, Geology, Animal Welfare, Charities and Wildlife etc)
NOT FOR PROFIT AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISES (See also Voluntary and Charities and check social enterprise organisation's sites) I feel a major sulk coming on now.
Again, not many! :-( 
NB: Advanced CRB can be mandatory
OFFICE WORK (See general recruitment websites there are hundreds from local to national sites)
ONLINE GAMES (See also Information Technology)
PLUMBERS (See also Construction, Energy, Engineering etc) Why so few recruitment sites for the essentials?
PRINTING (See also Media, Journalism etc) Please print nice things and helpful things mostly if possible - I need cheering up!
PRISON SERVICE - There ought to be more recruitment sites for those on probation but are they public?
PROPERTY (See also construction) Well we all need a roof over our heads to work and sleep safe!
PUBLIC SECTOR (See also Government websites) Yes, I know but if we want a democracy... (sigh)
RECRUITMENT - Can be fab or a nightmare but there are thousands of website agencies to pick from, here are just a for recruitment itself
RETAIL (See also, Fashion & Textiles, Automotive, Manufacturing, Marketing etc etc) Use your imagination!
SALES (See also Retail etc as above) Again, a huge area and some sales jobs are NOT target or commission based
SALES-MEDICAL (See also Chemistry, Medical, Healthcare etc) Please DO NOT put profit before health needs and I bet there are more sites than this one too
SCIENCE (See also just about every other sector and category there is) Science effects everything, don't sulk, accept it
SEASONAL (See also Leisure, Tourism, Events, Jobs for Younger People, Jobs for Disabled People, Charities etc etc) You never know until you try
SECURITY (See also Armed Services, Civil Service, Emergency Services etc)
NB: SIA nearly always required
SPORTS (See also, Leisure, Journalism, Voluntary, Charities etc)
SUSTAINABILITY (See also Environmental, Science, Energy etc)
TECHNICAL & TECHNOLOGY (See also Science, Events, Construction, Energy, Engineering, Information Technology, Media etc etc etc!)
TOURISM (See also Seasonal, travel, Leisure, Hospitality etc)
TRANSPORT (See also Automotive, Aviation, Maritime, Engineering etc)
TRAVEL (See also Tourism, Hospitality, Charities etc)
VETERINARY (See also Animal Welfare, Wildlife etc)
VOLUNTARY (See also Charities and all Social Enterprise orgnisations and NVCO) Tap on doors and ask! NB: CRB can be required
WAREHOUSE (See also the thousands of general recruitment agency websites)
WELDING (See also Construction, Energy, Engineering etc etc)
WILDLIFE (See also Animal Welfare and Veterinary etc)
For more ideas see who I follow on Twitter in case I've missed any as I am sure I have. Ooops, sorry!
Electrical, Water and Gas Utilities or indeed Utilities at all- see Contstruction, Engineering etc Children's Entertainers etc... You know all the stuff we need or like that gets taken for granted, but...

Arts and Crafts people... and

PS: Yes, I know CRB is DBS now, but most people are still used to CRB

Phew!  zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz

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