Sunday, 13 January 2013

Founder's Thoughts: A question of attitude

Given the unrest due to the continuing global economic difficulties, I thought I'd take the bull by the  horns the most ancient of posers to ponder.

Riddle: If the solution is to increase hardship to the most disadvantaged then what has been the real cause and root of the problem?

A glib answer is to say materialism, wealth and greed, but to me the real root of nearly all our difficulties is our attitude and our response to difficulties. Better to prevent the problems caused by the extremes of poverty, disability disadvantage as well as the opposite extremes of wealth, full health and advantage in my opinion. As with everything, I believe there is a happy medium somewhere in the middle, but the answer will always lie within your own attitude and your own approach to those two extremes.

I recall the excellent TV show 'The James Burke Specials' and one in particular where he asked the audience on showing them a picture of a Rolls Royce if they felt they were rich or poor compared the man who owned that car. The audience with a show of hands voted that they were poor. Then he showed them a picture of a an emaciated child starving in a third world country. The same question was asked and this time everyone voted that they thought themselves rich by comparison. And therein lies the rub. Much of our happiness is dependent on who we compare ourselves too. 

I've made it a rule that when I am successful I give something back to those less fortunate as well as supporting those who have supported me. No one can be successful without other people responding by providing them with a 'yes, you can have that opportunity'. It's also an insurance policy against misfortune. If I don't help others whenever I am successful, why should others help me if I am ever in need of support?

None of us can get a job, buy a house, put clothes on our backs or food in our bellies in the modern world without someone else saying 'yes, I agree to that contract'. We cannot even retain wealth without others supporting us to do so, nor spend money for our pleasures without such agreements.

We can do much to create our own luck and opportunities through adopting a positive attitude that people wish to engage with. In isolation, without a response to our efforts from others, we can never hope to succeed. It pays to be polite, enthusiastic and interested in others, for why should anyone be interested in you if you show none in them? Why would they go the extra mile to assist if you would not do the same?

I believe true wealth comes from positive experiences. Somewhat belated I know (more about that next time) but... 

Wishing that all my readers have many a rewarding experience come their way throughout 2013 and beyond. Hopefully without any more calamities to resolve which is the subject of my next posting in my Operations File posts.

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