Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Art for Old; Old Art for New!

It doesn't seem to matter how hard I try, my archives are always out of date when it comes to my own artworks. Just to photograph works to keep a record takes time - especially if you want to do them justice. 2014 leaves my computer to make way for 2015 - all are backed-up somewhere - twice! The second backup is always categorised according to different priorities. Just as a CEO needs access to different files instantly more than others, so too do frontline staff and so do I for different projects and plans I have for this year.

Like many people who are lumbered with the tidying up after festivities (and before them), I came across many old memories and took the opportunity to organise what I would keep and what it was time to let go of and not just artwork wise. That is a creative and productive process in itself and many industries take advantage of a slow start to any new year to do a bit of tidying and house keeping.

Some work sectors find it their busiest time and it is made all the worse for everyone else slowing up. I find it nothing short of a miracle that healthcare keeps going each and every winter regardless of whatever else is going on in the world. People being too swamped with work cause as many problems as hardly anyone being about. Such is their 'artistry' and all artists need to retain most of their secrets so as not to destroy the magic and miraculous moments that stem from them.

I am not even sure any single person or group of people can work out how some systems do work any more or indeed if any ever has; All things need to be a team effort because nothing can work without the right response to any action undertaken. It is therefore best, I think just to be grateful and enjoy that things work at all.

All things work in cycles -
creative thinking is no exception. 

As for these old works of mine, sure I'll keep them but for any artist it is with the passage of time that we learn the most from. It helps us recall techniques that have lapsed and rekindles ideas that we'd forgotten about with a fresh perspective and a renewed energy. All too often we find that old tastes and fashions, processes and techniques get a new lease of life as they become just the solution we were looking for all along.

Few artists are anything other than addicts to exploring and discovering. The beauty being that most of us do so without disturbing anyone else until people impose their own opinions on OUR work which is something no one should ever do to anyone else... unless it is in their work remit to do so professionally. Outside of work though... it is best never to enter into such practices really or at least to tread extremely lightly.

A wise artist is one who smiles wryly when
others impose their opinions on their work.

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