Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The propogation of problems via fashion

The Acceptable Face Of Fashion

Sonia had an eyelash out of place
Was nicknamed squint and died an old maid.

Lydia went lame, was locked away, never seen again

Tony was discovered to be
Half an inch shorter than everyone else
And was promptly hung.

Felicity split her size 2 dress
And was ridiculed out of existence.

Alex weighed one ounce too many
And was bundled off to the gas chamber.

Fortunately, now we’ve got rid of the dross,

Everyone else fits.

(First published in some Poetry Now anthology in the 1990s)

I like trendy things as much as anyone although what I buy is seldom what's the latest fashion for several reasons; not least is finance, but mainly because it's impossible to keep up with what the latest fad is while it changes so rapidly. What I abhor is when the fashion is used to as an excuse to negate, penalise, neglect and bully others. That is not the fault of designers but the fault of those that use it that way.

At times, we really are a most unpleasant species when it comes to anyone being different to ourselves. I was aware of this very early on in life and like many have struggled to understand why when we all crave to be accepted as we are. We prefer to be noted for what we can do rather than constantly reminded of our limitations and what we do wrong in the eyes of others yet it never seems to occur to people to stop hacking and attacking every thought, feeling and deed of others just so that they can feel good about themselves by comparison. We do not treat others how we would like to be treated and then are surprised by what we get in return! What, pray tell me, is so commendable or admirable about that sort of behaviour? Yet we all do it including me.

The irony of all this nonsense is that the majority of people are more commonly nice than nasty, yet it is the nastier side of our behaviour that we spend the majority of our time focussing on when we are troubled. I don't know about you, but to me that seems unhelpful when it comes to resolving anything. We have a habit of blaming everyone but ourselves for anything and everything that goes wrong. It is as if we are never happy unless we have someone else to pick on and bully. When it's not the disabled, it's the ill, the elderly, the young or people of a different coloured skin. Failing that anyone taller, shorter, fatter, thinner or perhaps richer, poorer or just from a different place of birth these days will do. I most humbly apologise for none but my family having been born into my family, I guess you drew a short straw on that, but I promise to try not to hold it against you so long as you don't behave like a selfish, inconsiderate, greedy, tantrum-ridden prat! I think that's fairly reasonable terms and conditions or at least fair warning.

Perhaps, and it's only a suggestion, if we looked to see what people did right more and tried a little bit harder to accept that others have abilities that we might need, we might find that things work better; that we are less swamped with problems to solve and... become healthier and maybe even happier too. I rashly thought such an idea might be of interest, hence these few words on the subject.

It is, as I say, only a suggestion. 

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