Sunday, 10 May 2015

Young Soldier

Far too early, too late, too soon
Is what is written on his tomb.
Too late the day
To turn away
Too early the death day dawn
Too soon for us to mourn.

Far too cruel, too naive, too misled
Shadows this wretched unknown head
Too naive to know
How the war would go
Too cruel the passage that gun him through
Too misled to know what’s true.

Far too eager, too frighted, too stunned
To be left behind rejected and shunned.
Too frighted by pleas
Too eager for fees
Too stunned in battle to turn and flee
To come home safe, my son, to me.

Far too angry, too bitter, too lost
To reclaim time and reckon the cost.
Too bitter the tears
That fill out my years,
Too angry to think of the waste –

Too lost, too lost the taste.

To feed pain is to rekindle it again and again and again. Better to let it go to rest so that those we lose CAN rest in peace, I reckon, but it's up to you. MOST people work through it without causing damage to others. Be among them please. Focus not on the loss but on the joy of them ever having been a part of our lives, be they men or women, girls or boys. 
Thank you for reading.

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