Sunday, 11 October 2015

Picture This: Lyrical Losses

The Lone and Lasting Loss (of the poor)

The long and weary road without hope of a gift
Why are none to lift, I could've walked so far before
Please tell me there's still peace
Send me some safe floor.

The long and failing lane I once knew
Has no name, it doesn't have a view from long long time before
Oh help me find some faith
To my hope restore!

The lost and lonely trail left you dead as we lost
Can we still count the cost from so long ago?
Please help me find some love
Help it grow once more!

Many times I've fallen here and many times I've climbed
Many time I've lost my roots and many times we've shined
But still the pain is near but go on
From just here, there's nothing quite so clear
As air still fit to breathe
All I really have to do
Is still hold - believe!

The blank and voiceless night I dream and adore
Before we all got scared I know from so far ago
Don't let dreams of that love
Feed me more and more.

The cold and icy calm soothes me still
It's just balm to cure me of all ill from so long ago
If I could live my will
We would live once more.

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