Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sunday's Softly Settling

The Ghostly Crowned Thief

Skating blithely, 
Sliding, slyly
Crystalised snow shines bright.

Etched in filigree, 
Dusting the canopy
Carpets of frozen balm.
Ordained in a shimmering calm. 

Softly settling on petal and leaf
Winter huffs in like a ghostly crowned thief
Soothingly singing to freeze
Damaged life and severed decrees.
Hush up your frantic old fuss.

Slow now, and yet in a flush
Store what you can, and watch your own breath
Rise in a fog of laughter in gusts
Tinkling joy as onwards ice thrusts

Those who are weary 
Hear hush-a-byes cheery
See nothing but twinkling delight.

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