Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Founders Thoughts: 25 ideas to beat this recession

These are very much my thoughts (in no particular order) on how to beat the recession in the UK. They won't be popular with everyone no doubt, but they are the best I can come up with with what little I know. If you can think of better then make your OWN list and send it, via snail-mail (post) to

No. 10 Downing Street, London WS1A 2AA

If not... I would recommend you keep quite, stop moaning and just do your best with what DOES still work. It is the easiest thing in the world to criticise (we all do it), what is far harder is to try not to and to try to think of solutions instead of barriers.

25 Recession busting ideas

1.    Extend Jobsite list using the unemployed to do so for the research required. 
2.    Make new document of services that help disadvantages and disabled and release it. Use those people and EMPLOY them at the GOING rate for the work.

The list should include charities, council services, social enterprises, social firms, community groups, town council services, government initiatives etc etc

3.    Start a voting and survey system for people who are on the receiving end of these services to guide the government as it makes reforms. What is better? What still needs doing? How does it need to be done? Can it be tailored to need? How? Who by? Include suggestions for who should lead on TLI type initiative. Once established KEEP IT GOING and improve it.

4.    Encourage people to tweet responses rather than clog up admin departments with moans.

5.    Encourage all essential services to improve complaints services and assessment processes so that the MOST in need have priority.

6.    Adapt and modify Tax credits, utilities and housing and give incentives for ALL creditors to NOT proceed to court action asap when in a recession.

7.    Make it easier for those who wish to sell up and move to somewhere cheaper while on benefits, especially homeowners. Can the DWP provide conveyancing services, removal costs or services as even there people get shafted to make matters worse.

8.    Help rogue landlords improve accommodation with new initiatives that the landlords do not get a penny for.

9.    Help reach more of the homeless with more foodbanks outside every supermarket

10. Help recycling with more recycling collections and recycling points. Fund more recycling plants to reduce landfill sites get current energy suppliers to help lead on this as when fossil fuels run out they will be out of a job!
11. As the economy improves, help reduce the cost of the monopoly on water supply which is after all the essential to all life and business.

12. Encourage new forms of learning to combat illiteracy that leads to crime and helps people with disabilities to engage with and contribute to society.

13. Extend current initiatives to increase community services for ALL types of crime.

14. Reduce the health bill by helping the mentally ill come off medication asap instead of encouraging the mentally ill to stay on it for life. Only when required, please.

15. Train all doctors in becoming more efficient in delegating to admin staff.

16. DISCOURAGE time wasters and fine them if appropriate so that those in most urgent need get the support first.

17. Encourage, with financial incentives, more integration between research, manufacturing of products for the disadvantaged and disabled so that more people have access and can contribute to the economy.

18. Build houses of straw... it’s renewable, more enduring and safer!

19. Educated more people on how to produce their own energy at home.

20. Encourage banks to help the most in need by supplying their clients with a list of advocates for them according to their difficulties.

21. Get Britain starting to think of it’s own version of Google, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, FB etc. It should never have become a one nation monopoly.

22. Penalise with hefty fines companies that reduce the quality of their products with cheaper ingredients and more expensive marketing and packaging e.g. supermarket. And penalise them further for using cheap or sweatshop type labour to supply them. Reward those that don’t do so.

23. Come down like a tonne of bricks on employers who do not pay those trying to get off benefits be it via agencies or direct from large companies and organisations. Make it automatic that HMRC investigate!
24. Invest in more financial advice AND legal service providers to represent the disadvantaged and disabled and ensure there are as many services provided as there are types of misfortune!

25. MOST OF ALL encourage collaborative working within the UK and beyond in ALL things. 

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