Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Research Files: Part 3 - Jobsites of Recruitment Agencies

Part 3 of my jobsite list. Please note that once again WildeHeads takes no responsibility whatsoever
for the conduct of other companies and organisations. There would have been more of
these (100 in fact) but I gave up the will to live searching for them as recruitment agencies in my
experience are an extremely mixed bag indeed. None will side with the employee if payment is not
made by a big employer on their books and all would prefer it if you only used them and not other
recruitment agencies. That rather flies in the face of what the Department of Work and Pensions
insist that you do if ever you are unemployed, which I am myself now due to hopefully short-term 

but nonetheless a severe episode of ill health.

The solution to problems with recruitment agencies is simple... try another and report them to 

HMRC where at least you should be able to get tax credits. In theory you should be able to report all 
illegal working practices to the Police at any point as such employers are breaking the Employment 
Law if not the Equality Act. Then there's always ACAS for employers which dismiss you unfairly. It is 
sad to note that while many Human Resource departments want to, many Chief Executives think they 
are entitled to ignore all the laws of this land not to behave. My advice is use the law to give them
every opportunity to behave! If you need legal advice do a search for services (both free and 'no win
no fee) for them. There are as many of those about as there are naughty employers and well...
it keeps people and the money moving which can only help in a recession!

Good luck on YOUR journey to the right career for you.

The General Job Search Websites 

All major national and local papers and trade magazines publish vacancies
Name Website Links
1 Job
1 Stop 4 Jobs
360 Resourcing
Agency Central
ATA Recruitment
Blue Arrow
British Jobs
Brook Street
Career Builder
Career Jet
Career Recruit
CBS Butler
CG Consultants
Chisholm And Moore
City Jobs
Eden Brown
Euro Jobs
First Recruitment Group
Fish for Jobs
Free Recruitment
Ganymede Solutions
Hot Recruit
Industry Recruit
Jam Recruitment
Job Mart
Job Max
Job Opps
Job Zone UK
Jobs 24
Jobs and Training
Jobs Go Public
Jobs group
Jobs Trovit
Jobs Wales
Jobs Zoo
Jobseeker Direct
Jobserve Live
Just London Jobs
Killer Start ups
Kinetic Jobs
Kings UK Group
Local Jobs
Local Jobsearch
London Jobs
Michael Page
Moore Jobs
N Jobs UK
Nine O Clock
Overseas Jobs
Pinks Recruitment
Recruitment Searcher
Red Gold Fish
Regan And Dean
RICS Recruit
S1 Jobs
Scottish Jobs
Solutions Recruitment
Spectrum Consultancy
Spectrum Recruitment
Task Force Recruitment
The Guardian
The Times
Tip Top Jobs
Total Jobs
UK Temps
Work Thing

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