Wednesday, 25 September 2013

An amusing tale...

An amusing incident... Met a chap shopping who went to Oxford Uni then did another degree or masters or something at Dundee Uni.
He was lecturing his son about Romanticism.
He said that "the Romantics included Shelly who wrote Frankenstein and it's Arts way of providing an emotional reaction to the world without any rationale or logic behind it." (He couldn't use simple words of course, it was against his nature and pride after all that expensive education... he didn't want to sound common in his trendy and artistically torn expensive tweed jacket and cordroy trousers.

I almost said, "so killing people for no reason is logical is it, via science, politics and banking and social reform etc?"
Nooooo, Art has never said anything useful has it?

Instead I asked what he had studied at Uni. He snapped back "Art".
I asked his son what he wanted to be when he was older.
He said "An engineer"

I pointed out that good design was down to Art.
"Of course," his dad said, pompous git that he was he didn't much like talking to poor people despite him saying otherwise.
I stopped short of adding that "if you really study Art you will know that absolutely everything is influenced by the designs of nature, and is usually down to the fibonacci sequence which mathematicians unravelled to spoil the mystery for us all." but I didn't.

You get a better class of scum in Waitrose.

It was probably some butler doing emergency shopping for some toff or politician who is even more stupid than he was.

You only get higher class stupidity the further up the social ladder you climb.

BTW: I am not saying ALL highly educated people are niave, ignorant and dangerous to this chap, though I could be wrong. I am so often you see, being so poorly educated as I am.

The Arts were NEVER made for the rich to buy or profit from. They have always belonged to the poorest and most desperate and they will always be it's rightful owners in my honest and extremely biased opinion.

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