Saturday, 5 October 2013

Founders Thoughts: Benefitting YOU - the worst disease

When it seems that every person is doing nothing more than complain, you have to start asking yourself... are WE the worst disease of all? 

We complain when we have no homes, are given homes and want more built and then we complain about where they are built.

We complain about the size of the population but don’t stop to think we might be contributing to it.
We complain about fuel costs when it costs the same amount in time, labour, resources and money to squeeze what little there is left out as it ever did, probably more because we can’t cross our legs long enough or say ‘no’ the sex. For some of us of course, ‘no’ to that is never accepted or respected as an answer anyway and when that happens a whole raft of people tell rape victims that they must go full term with that unwanted pregnancy, while others complain that they should count themselves lucky because they cannot have children at all. Yet if such a child is born, few would think to give it home at all if it was put into care, most would argue the mother HAD to keep it. To cap it all if ANY child was born disabled most would suggest the child be in a care home and not be with their own family!

Er... we in the United Kingdom did host the Paralympics last year didn’t we?

Can someone PLEASE explain to be what has happened since other than a few less pennies to live on? We have been through this kind of crap before you know and perhaps that is the greatest hypocrisy of all...

We moan about what we pay in taxes and at all and every department and service those pennies provide including each and every politician WE vote in. We tell them to fix this and fix that and then complain that they do. We complain about immigrants that work harder, more efficiently and faster than us, usually with more skill and for less pay and then complain that they don’t integrate with us. Would you want to if it was the other way around?

We even complain that we don’t have enough facilities for the elderly yet would rather laugh at them openly in the street for wetting themselves or for not being able to find their own way home because of their dementia. And yet we all love Terry Pratchett and really ‘feel’ for him and his family. My arse we do! All we want to do with our elderly, sick, disabled and poor is the same as ever... pack them off out of sight so we can just party and be selfish.

“Do you mind, I actually went to the Paralympics and attended Princess Diana’s Funeral... sort of”. Of course you did. I on the other hand could not, as I was busy working to save lives as usual, tossers like you lot probably. Oh dear, I am beginning to sound like Will Self now... I wonder why.

Perhaps because we complain about our sushi being off and too expensive and complain about our evening meal telly being spoilt by pictures of starving people all the time AND people complaining!!!
You complain about food wastage when you throw most of it away, not even bothering to recycle. You complain that nature is at risk when you can’t even be bothered to separate out your rubbish TO recycle. You complain about the litter in the countryside when you yourselves are fly tipping and throwing it there. You complain about the rich, famous and powerful for being corrupt. The reason this country is corrupt is because YOU are too and just as contemptible with it!

You complain about the stress of a court case when you’ve only bitten your fingernail yourself and insist it’s someone else’s fault for having an affair and you wonder why they had the affair and then left you. You also wonder why people turn to drugs and crime when you shaft them everyway you can financially. You complain that it takes so long to catch criminals when you don’t report crime, and even longer to prosecute because you don’t supply evidence and then complain that criminals get away with it and about the cost to the country in YOUR taxes. You complain about the media for reporting things and then complain if they don’t. You complain about each and every government for telling you what you then decide you’d rather not know. And STILL you wonder why people like me get ill?????

Er... did I imagine it... DID we host the Olympics only last year? Oh dear.

I have a headache. I hope it’s a brain tumour as all MY friends and former colleagues, relatives and neighbours work their socks off to deserve five minutes off to glimpse a bit of the Olympics. They save their pennies to do so you know, instead of expecting it to be handed to them on a plate. They stop and at least talk to the homeless on the street, most of who CANNOT sign on for benefits BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO HOME AT ALL! People don’t even think to buy baby wipes for pregnant homeless girls while they whizz into even Waitrose. The Police are obliged to move them on because of you complaining that they look ‘unsightly and smelly and therefore unhygienic’ and,  ‘it doesn’t help the tourist industry or British business at all to see them there’. The only thing unsightly in this country is THAT attitude. Hello... We are in the 21st century NOT the dark ages!

You complain that we are not allowed time off work for being ill enough and then complain when colleagues who are GENUINELY ill are allowed off work for things like... bereavement. You do remember our PM lost his son don’t you? Luckily he has to see our Queen every week which is about all the support he gets.

Er... we hosted the Queen’s Jubilee last year didn’t we? Really? Was that really us?

And still you do not stop... you complain that kids are playing football in the streets when no sports facilities are open. You complain about our teachers for not educating our children well enough and then complain when they are smarter than us - who wouldn’t be? You complain that something should be done about people in other lands being bullied and then complain about our Armed Forces are sent anywhere because of the state they come back in only to NOT lift a finger to help them when they get back. Then you complain there are no funds to equip them to protect us and whimper... I hope that National Service isn’t brought back.

You complain about the unemployed while you have four jobs to do because they were made redundant or are doing four jobs because you are just plain greedy. You complain about every American product that hits our shores because it’s destroying British industry when you’re too lazy to work to produce anything worth buying so you buy - American and Chinese products (their cheapest and nastiest at that) to cheer yourself up and then complain that British TV is just getting all foreign now and how unfair it all is that you can’t afford more of EXACTLY the same thing.

You complain and hurl every form of abuse at those who do their best to help us every day never more so than all our emergency services for being late! They were probably delayed by all the hoards of onlookers getting in the way or possibly had a bit a time of it rescuing your loved one from an RTA (road traffic accident to you) cause by YOUR poor driving standards and illegal parking which caused the accident in the first place. Not content with that you also hurl rocks and knives at them and none more so than your own medical professionals i.e.  ambulance crews themselves.

But hey, it’s always been like this, hasn’t it? I mean... why change?

MY family even save you lot time and money when we die. It’s a family tradition that stretches right across the globe from the USAF through to medical teams in Australia, Canada and even into Japan and China courtesy of the media over there. Our holidays usually consist of a bit of charity work in third world countries. We only ever ask to be kept out of pain once it gets unfixable... THAT is how much we hate suffering.  None of my friends ever have any money to spare because about 75% is used to help others one way or another already.

You’ll have to forgive me... normally I am not like this when working in health care or in any other sector, but I am ill at the moment. You lot though ‘claim’ not to be. Really you do. Really, that’s what you tell me. Really it is.


“How can people who claim to be so well be so vile so regularly and consistently to those who are so obviously
the most vulnerable people of all?”

Mel Dixon September 2013

Bad enough that you do it to me so often. In short, fellow Brits... either put up or shut up as (and not for the first time) I am ashamed to BE British at all but most of all, SHUT THE FUCK UP a let a person die in peace for a change.

Ahem, ‘Mr Greenfly’: do you REALLY think total openness will cure security issues? I mean no wonder no one feels safe anymore with ediots like him about! Bad enough our government come up with going to the jobcentres every day when it doesn’t supply you with the means to get there once a fortnight!

PS: It’s perfectly safe for me to say all this you know... only 10 people read this blog anyway, they just keep coming back to it to read it several times over. Ha! I mean what are you going to do, kill a care worker that's so critically ill she'll be dying soon anyway? I’d like to see you spin your way out of that one with a squeaky clean reputation! Go swing and keep swivelling, you never know you might but accident face the right way one day but I’m not likely to (and nor are my colleagues in health care provision) likely to live long enough to see it now. Thanks for that.

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