Sunday, 12 July 2015

For #Shakespeare Sunday

First exhibited (but written much earlier, now improved) at my


Poetry Exhibition in Luton
Just an ickle pastiche of Willie Shakespeare's work but written 
out of huge admiration and respect for such awesome talent

To Believe
Or What To Believe

To believe or what to believe – that is the question.
Whether to have faith and hope good things are possible
Or mistrust and crush belief ‘til dead.

To fear, to doubt – to doubt but question no more –
And in that faith to have a future, and with it
Unflinching courage to keep our hopes well fed.
It’s a confirmation that’s devoutly to be wished.
To hope, to believe – to believe – perchance to dream. 
Aye, there’s the rub. For in that dream of hope what assurances
Can come to annihilate all misgivings does give us pause.
There’s the calamity that makes so long a life.

For who would bear their heart and soul,
Their every thought and feeling, hope and fear
Without vulnerability or risk of ruin at another’s hands,
When they can choose avoidance just as well.
Who would chance deception or criticism of character,
Except in the hope that is it love such trust will bear.
That promised country from which no immigrant
Desires return entices us still and makes us oblivious
To negatives that we know too much of.

Thus consciousness does make heroes of us all;
And so the natural colour of our instincts is brightened again
By that yearning thought and are instances of small consequence

With this regard. Their will is yet to try to take the name of action.
MD aka Purrring on Twitter

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