Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Minute This

One more from the archives and from an exhibition at Luton, Hat Factory a few years back and this time it's dedicated to all those frustrated by waiting for support from high office, just like I still am.

Please DO NOT take it as a reason to become abusive or violent in any way. It never helps, best to just shame folk into behaving as humane human beings. Name them in the media if you must, but most of all, just ask awkward questions of them until they either quit or confess just how unhelpful they've been.

That's all I've done and it has at least enabled me to survive thus far. I am only sorry that I cannot do it for anyone else now as I am struggling to even do it for myself most days.

Above all, hold on and keep going.

Minute (This)

In this minute I felt fear
This one alone, no one to hear
This was the minute that sorrow saw
But this one brought me hope once more.
This was the minute I was in pain,
In this I felt in love again –
This minute an anger stirred
This one saw me distressed, unnerved.
This was the minute I heard tick
But this one couldn’t pass too quick.
There I was dreaming, plotting and scheming.
Here I am waiting, then contemplating.
Now agitated, now I’m elated.
For this, I fretted; a minute regretted.
Delighted, beguiled; a simpering child.
Confused, contrite; a fanciful flight –
A triumphant success – a cowering mess.
Defiant and proud, compliant endowed.
Here I am racing, this minute chasing.
Contented and quiet; roused for a riot –
For minute by minute by minute by minute
The feelings slip past but I am left in it.

REMEMBER: Collect up and fill your days with searching for the nicest things that money can never buy like... peace, quiet and... silence. ;-)

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