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Friday Foodbanking

WildeHeads Archives 2013

An example of the text and pictures for a simple 10 page Powerpoint presentation for a charity with amendments for new security reasons, thanks to so much crime, (cough, excuse me while a bash my head against a brick wall).

Also NOT included is the actual slideshow styling and many of stock photos that were once on the web for free now are not. I can only guess it's for the same reason... underhand business practices. 

They're not so funny as they were before, are they boys and girls? 

Lovely investors, businesses, trainees, jobseekers and especially #Foodbanks and #NEW+#OLD #Entrepreneurs please take note. 

Easy when you know how really. 

Luton Food Slideshow! 

Slide Number 1


Why donate?

Slide Number2
Who is in need of food?
¨Vulnerable people including, marginalised groups due to a wide variety of different cultural backgrounds
¨Disadvantaged people including those who have been born into poverty or have, through no fault of their own become deprived
¨People on low income struggling to prevent becoming homeless
Slide Number 3
What food do they need?
¨Every human being needs a healthy balanced diet to help them to function properly both physically and mentally and should include:
1.33% Carbohydrates and fibre (e.g. rice, cereals, flour, pasta, pulses)
2.33% Vitamins  (e.g. fruit and vegetables)
3.27% Proteins (e.g. meat, fish, dairy produce)
4.7% Natural sugars, oils and fats (often included in jams and sauces) 

Slide Number 4

¨Luton Foodbank provides food that has a long shelf life to help people get a healthy balanced diet. Items we collect include:
¨Dried rice, cereals and pasta
¨Tinned fruit and vegetables, fruit juices
¨Tinned meat and fish
¨Jams and marmalades

Dried, tinned and unopened food preserved in jars are perfect, but 
nothing homemade

Slide Number 5
How does it work?
¨Positioned around Luton are a number of Food Banks for anyone to make a donation of food. We make regular collections and then distribute the food to those that really need it
¨We also invite people to make regular donations of £2 per month or more if you can afford it. Our bank details are:
Account name: Luton Foodbank
Their Bank Name Only: 
Note: NEVER the branch online.

Why? We want to prevent folk stealing money as well as food don’t we?

Slide Number 6
Further connections
¨We are also building our connections and partnerships by inviting businesses to help fund this important work.
Among others, we are already working in partnership.
Examples include: SK Foods
The Co-operative
American Nails

But we need more

Slide Number 7
Can anyone get this food?
¨To ensure the food gets to those in need, we only distribute food to people who are referred to us by other agencies (e.g. Luton Rights, Citizens Advice Bureau and Luton Law Centre) and... Luton Borough Council
¨We help the hungry get in touch with all manner of support agencies to help them to get on their feet again

Slide Number 8
Future plans
¨We at Luton Foodbank hope that with your support we will be able to develop so that no one need ever be desperate for something to eat ever again

¨Ideas include collaborative work with other community groups who, like us, want to make poverty a thing of the past our town... in the UK and... throughout the world

Slide Number 9
What are the causes?
¨Causes of poverty include: social isolation, illness, neglect, disabilities, abuse (psychological, financial, physical, sexual and racial), lack of information, bullying and mistakes made on claimant’s entitlements to benefits
According to leading homeless charities here in the UK it can take as little as six weeks to end up homeless. In the current recession this includes many homeowners as well as those who are traditionally viewed as at risk

Slide Number 10

THANK YOU for listening
Please help in whatever way you can

“What is a recession if not a war on financial
collapse and poverty?” –

Together we CAN and WILL overcome poverty to make it a thing of the past. 

Account name: Luton Foodbank
Ask at YOUR bank, how to donate... please.

Just an example as I say and I leave you now with just three questions for you to ponder.
  1. How does crime and complaining and panic help solve things
  2. How does striking help save lives?
  3. Could you work for 28 hour days as the best minds have worked to solve all this for 30 years... at least? 
Please calm down and behave because love should win and we really are much better working as a global team. 

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