Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Plucky Lucky Teasing Tuesday

Ode Notes to Photographing Chickens

1. They move
2. They hide
3. They sometimes group
4. They sometimes divide

They tease you... a lot.
So be prepared to miss your shot.

But they are very, very funny if you are of quick wit
So best NOT to chase them, you ninny noisy twit!

This one was definitely in charge and rather vain...

Beware, there be friends of chickens who run faster!
Can you spot one?

With many thanks to the Welsh family for letting me take the pictures.
I hope they get the worms supply sorted! 

Postscript: Sadly I haven't found red hens locally to photograph.
This might be because everyone likes killing red coloured birds or...
They are better at hiding than this lot because they are smarter than the average Dodo!
Either way we should look after all life on Earth much better than we have so far.

I hope you agree.

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