Friday, 11 March 2016

Fridays Foolish Frights


(Rarely obtained and never sustained)
Is ticking along
Oblivious to the monotony
That one is party to.


Yes, I have something to say;
But until I can shape the form,
Mouth the thoughts
I shall remain silent
Or just talk aimlessly instead –
Went shopping today.
Met John.
He had nothing to say either;
Just like the shop assistant, the bus driver,
The cashier at the bank and the park keeper.
So I went home, made myself a cup of tea,
And tried to cheer myself up with an iced bun,
But winced.
Made an appointment for the dentist,
More fillings I think;
Then I sat down again and thought;
Tried to shape the words,
Form the feelings.
Still nothing much to say;
But I’d like someone to listen,
To hear my silence.


The decision 
That placed thought
And settled doubt
Led to foreign choices 
All of a thought ago
Entangled options entwine
To weave their intricate tapestry;
Behind all futures spread
Trails of precarious thread.

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