Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursday Tales: Life's Lyrical Limericks

For St Patrick's Day

Squire Bully Billy
Had a temper quite silly
And eyes that would narrow in fits;
Yet laugh from a distance
you'd soon not care tuppence -
This goat would but butt out his nits.

Lady Anna Conda
Would side wind to wonder
If temperatures were to her taste.
When sun basking noon tide
She longed to be best guide
For rodents she'd dine with in haste.

Baron Vamp Batty
Was always so chatty
At night, but never by day.
He'd often play host
To many a ghost
While hid, headside down,
As they say.

Tiny Turtle Tim
Adored a long swim
And would flap, very tired on the beach.
So he'd roam the lone seas
For years at a breeze
Twixt just the right ones he could reach.

Brunty de Boar
Found life such a chore
Snuffling and snorty in fog.
But happy this pig
Who'd not give a fig
When covered in mud in a bog.

Incognita Iguana
Often said 'Manana'
As daily she'd adjust her face.
One eye for detail
The other, in retail
For fashions do change at a pace.

Ethel Lump-Hants
Has noisy nosey pants
Trumpeting toots rather grand,
And down 'neath her toes
Some vibrations arose
She started a Tusk-Nosey, the band.

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