Sunday, 27 December 2015

Picture This: Culinary Choices

Saucy Cook’s Love Poem

I want to get your measure, weigh you up, stir and blend with you,
Occasionally freeze, heat you up and warm you through
Keep you on the boil; sizzle with you.
Now and then you’ll no doubt boil over
And I’ll want to beat you, bake you, fry and grill you, fill you;
I want to eat you, toss you, sugar and spice you
Simmer and garnish, tenderise and ice you.
For you’re my crumpet, my plum duff
You’re my spotted dick;
You’re my glace cherry cake
My melting cheese straw stick;
My meat and two veg
My Camberbert wedge
My rolly-polly pud;
My toad-in-the-hole,
My Dover soul – and boy do you taste good!

xxxxx 0000 xxxxx


Naughty, but nice when taste and timing are just right!

By MD and one of Dr Who's former assistants has a copy from years ago with permission already for it to be performed FOC! 

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