Thursday, 17 December 2015

Picture This: Worry Watching

Click Block

Click block, click block
Any time they’re rude, duck
Click block; not kick butt
Don’t sell us rotten food, chuck.

A quick buck is sick Jock
Better to just click ‘block’
Try and cure the sick, doc
Don’t join the angry flock.

Tick tock, click block
Every time they rake muck
Use bricks to house the poor, Jock
Don’t hurl them in a ruck!

Thick chicks are ill Puck
For gossips, use a sock, doc
Spread a bit of joy, duck
With hope and laughs and luck.

Click block, click block
Any time you’re cross, Jill
Click block; don’t kick Doc
Try clearing up the muck, Phil.

Click block, click block
Any time you’re sad, chick
Click block, click block
Most things pass real quick.

Click block, check, Puck
Most things work so smile Mick
Remember all the good luck
When the world’s... mad sick.

May 2015 - by MD

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