Sunday, 20 December 2015

Picture This... Touching Matters

During these festive celebrations for all faiths and none, I thought of a nice exercise for all even if you have lost or are just not with loved ones right now... or have yet to find the love of your life...

You can try finding a tree that represents your family history as it ... survives.
Draw it, write about it... take a picture of it.
Treasure it and then... help others try to protect it with you if it's in a park or countryside.

Not all can be for all things pass to make way for new life but only when they need to go which is seldom when we are ready for it I know.

When we remember things at their best it is always wise to keep our stories bright and cheerful I think. All our little ones and our most vulnerable need that always and it is not perculiar to any times or troubles that we encounter during our life span.

Food, sleep, rest and exercise can all be done in reverent homage, and silence when we most need it.

Many wonderfully magical and mysterious things you see, dear readers... have never changed because they were never meant to.



I went for a walk a long time ago now, and yet it was but yesterday. It was a magical walk and an adventure in itself. It was fraught with hazards and dangers just to get there at all so when I arrived at my starting point I wasn't on time at all.

It happened to be the first day of autumn and it was such a glorious day too. I knew there would be many trees to choose one for my family for me to remember them all by for evermore.

So many decisions to make!

Should I go for a young sapling full of life and pushing through? That would be fine if no one chopped it up for firewood or worse. It would have to be protected very well somehow.

Should I go for an adolescent tree strong enough to stand wind and rain for itself, but unsure of other things. It would have to be protected very well too!

Maybe then an adult one, giving birth to new life as if it was as automatic as breathing? Under it's shade in hot or wet weather surely nothing could harm it... unless it was the last one left and no one else cared. So... it would have to be protected too.

I know I thought...

I'll choose a middle aged tree for no one would damage one of those... or would they? The younger ones of other tree types try to, the adolescent ones need the room and the adult ones... keep moaning... tell us then...what can we do next? Seems they need protecting too then.

That left me thinking I needed to find an old tree with many other trees of every description surrounding it so that they could all protect each other and share what little room they had to grow in, just as it has always been... when my species look after them that is.

Having made my decision, it was lucky that I found many places with many trees... and all of them loved and cared for and trimmed and scratched and marked with signs which helped us all to know just this.

Just as with all life on our beautiful planet, we note what is poor or poorly or just low in spirit and do our best to make things better for all life to be happy and healthy for as long as it lives but most of all peaceful... just as a wood or forest should be..

Nature likes to show off and does it better than any or all of us. I mean... just look!

OR... this...

... this,

It was a very long walk of many many seasons, but yes I have finally found my secret family tree! And being a secret...

You promise not to tell... and a family secret at that!!! On second thoughts, I'll keep it to me and mine. Well... quite honestly... it is the best way to keep a secret... is not to talk of it; for families, when they love each other and are at peace and they just know anyway which tree among thousands I've seen I would pick.

My cat has never been with me on my tree quest search, and nor has even the dog next door but they know. And I think... even stranger than a fairytale story's magical creatures are, they know life it self is always too big a secret for any one person to unravel. 

How? I don't know you silly people.... that's why IT'S MAGIC!

Do you think children, that this bovine needs lessons in hiding behind a tree?

Even the twig in front of her nose didn't fool me that she was there, nor the horns on her head either. The one behind her seems to be getting the hang of it a bit better so I think we'll get there... because families just know when they come together to protect all life on this wonderful, beautiful, magical, mysterious, gorgeously marvellous magical planet that lives on for all for evermore, for all eternity and back again so long as we just stay calm and stay away from be being grumpy or angry or bitter or selfish too often for too long.

Oh now, I said it. I am just hopeless at keeping secrets really. Luckily though my global family just keep forgiving me and protect me and keep me safe too.

This is such a relief to my cat and the dog next door too. I found me TREE! HURRAH YIPPEE!

Your turn. ;-)

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