Sunday, 24 January 2016

Stories for Sleepy Sundays

The Angel's Holiday

It is a little fact about angels that they get very tired indeed
What with moans and groans from adults and little ones always in need.

They have nothing but magical twinkles and smiles and wonderful wings
And songs of hope and enchantment and an armoury of mysterious things.

The fairies of course assist them but have to have wands and learn spells
And sometimes their blooms are bamboozled by mischievous pixies and elves.

And then there’s the trolls, and the dolls and the sprites,
The toys for the boys and box of bright lights

it can all be quite dazzling but very brain frazzling so at sleep-tide
here’s what they do...
They sprinkle it all and dream of a time when they can just holiday too.

And in their sleeps, the magic's deep
And new spells form to heal
For starlets form as that's the norm
Of secrets nightly deal. 

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