Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tuesday Tunes : Tweeters, Woofers and Cats Choir Chorus

Dear WildeHeads follower and hopefully fan....

Some poems lend themselves better to becoming songs than others. so today's moment of inspiration is to see if you can put a favourite poem to lyrics or adapt existing songs. The choice is yours.

Be warned WildeHeads' poems you would need to have copyright for before it became a production number as... well, even artists need to eat and get paid as do all their technical, admin staff, drivers and I suppose managers and advertisers.

Just remember to try not to name others with their full name as if you don't live with others 24 hours a day you can never really know how they might react to it, can you? If it's an angry protest song, try making it funny or generalise a bit more so that folk can't take court action against you. That's how professionals in the British Isles do it anyway! What a pickle they get in sometimes though, eh?

TOP TIP: For more inspiration look on YouTube! Especially you funny older scaredy cats, tweeters and woofers! (techie crews will like that reference to speakers, especially those called Mic Won-Too).

So here are a few ideas to get you started and to help you to sing your way through whatever annoys you. As you know from a simple song all manner of magic can happen like dancing and even (fanfare please), dancing and singing together or so it is rumoured.

Sing and play nicely, please. We are not interested in those that don't now we have morals to boost and lives to save as our top priority.

Yours sincerely, honestly and truly

From all the WildeHeads phantom ghostwriting scribblers and bibblers.

Adaptation from Charlie Chaplin's song 


Smile though your ham strings’ aching
Smile though your pants are shaking
Although a fear maybe everso near
You just smile through the fog of sorrow
Smile, and maybe tomorrow
You’ll find the life is still worth while
When you... smile.

Back up your tears of sadness

Fill up your soul with gladness

Though you are one
It’s not they who have won
If you smile through the mist of madness
It’s just a smidge of sadness
You’ll find that like all kids trial
You can smile.

So when the clouds are pouring

And all the crowds are snoring

You’ll find a way 
To just better each day
When you smile despite all life’s troubles
Even the heaps of roubles
You’ll  carry high that soulful smile
For all time’s whiles.

The Fireworkers' Fireworking Poem
(Copyright WildeHeads)

Jolly japes and capers, are on what we all feed;
Helping out the neighbours, when they are in need.
We've no time for liars or violent sort - their small -
From arsonists to murderers
We just tease them all!

There's no need for sulking, we can all do that,
We still have old Tolkien, in his happy hat.
We like feeding poor folk; that's what we like best
We dream of it in our sleeps
And just ignore sub best.

We're just fab at healing and fixing what we can;
From lonely folks to ceilings and dirt upon a fan -
We just can't stop caring for our point of birth
Is to just keep sharing
To save the best on Earth!

(if you can get the rhythm of this one you are welcome to hum and sing it to yourselves yer know)

And finally right a new song or lyric about what it might be like
to be a hero for more than one day.

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