Friday, 19 February 2016

Fiercesome Friday Freaks

The Spider and The Fly 

Caught in flight
The fly learns plight,
Held by the finest of threads
Endangered by its flaying.
If it moves, the spider in its web
Feels the music of a meal playing.

Cautious moves measured
Could mean its release
From that intricate woven pleasured
Ensnaring beast.

Like the web itself, could last forever
But only one of them will prove clever.


The Dumbledore

The bumblingly busy dumbledore
Did blithely, but politely implore,
Pray tell me, then when you last heard or saw
A dozing bee that boomed a snore!


Mothballed Myths

It's not only owls that in the night
Flit silent in furtive flight
A fable and near myth
Of mothic magic caused a tiff
That one flew in the day
To the sun there to stay.
Well, there might have be one
But me deare, come, come -
For how ridiculous and absurd
Moths came afore that bird.

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