Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Westminster Whimsy Wednesday

'Whipping It Up'

From 2009 this amateur theatrical production of 
'Whipping It Up' perfectly explained the inner workings of the behind the scenes at Westminster.
Many put it on a parr with 'Anyone for Dennis?' and 'Yes, Minister'. 

Worthwhile putting on a show like it as it proved immensely popular with voters and politicians alike. 

All involved were a mix of curious and dubious characters both on and off stage and in and out of public life. What more true to life experience does one need from the safety of your local theatrical establishment? 

Central to the plot, the Chief Whip who, on this occasion, was played by a semi retired professional from the BBC, which coincidentally also echoes real life for experience can make the difference between a convincing performance of merit and one that demands refunds from all the witnesses. 

    The stern opponent to dirtier than they could think up deals.

A secretary noticing things that are not quite right. 

The folly of frolics begins. 

The bright new talent that is sharp but yet to become a fully formed big fish. 

The sage old soaker reminiscing on how much more fun it was in his youth.

The appalled and baffled newbie.

Time to celebrate at last - briefly. 

Apologies for the poor quality of the images.
Sadly the lighting designer had difficulty lighting the show, taking orders from everyone to do everything from making more tea to fixing a prop, snapping... pictures and trying to keep a straight face while wrestling with her clockwork camera while almost trying not to get in the way.

They all said she should and could though, ha!

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