Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Top Trades Tuesday - Talent Training Game!

From the WildeHeads' research archives

For veterans and children of all ages, cultures and stages of learning,
(including females) interested in the history of brilliant ideas.

These curiosities are for you to work out.

To help work things out, here are a few questions for the aficionados and/or comedians out there as well as children and budding quiz masters/tutors and trainers.

1. What year were the items below were first made?
2. Who came up with the idea?
3. Which enterprise first invested in the idea?
4. Which (if any) enterprise put the idea into production for selling?
5. How efficient were they for the job they were made for?
6. How long the idea was used for?
7. What, if anything, has replaced it?
8. If replaced or changed... why?
9. Was an apprenticeship required for manufacturing or use?
10. What are the primary health and safety concerns with these items?


There are still plenty of volunteer opportunities in all trades.


No apologies for the quality of some of the photographs.
If in doubt ask a museum or few... possibly one that specialises in transport or history.

We're too kind really, clues galore. 
Hint: What are books and libraries for
as a back-up for internet glitches... 
Remember though,  how no trade likes snitchers!

Well, it's something to do when the Internet fails or
someone else has the use of it when you want to log in/on. 

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