Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sensual Sunday - St Valentines Day Special

 Fairytale Unending

It seems my hair obstinately
Refuses to grow any longer,
And the tower
Remains as tall as ever.
Through thorn filled dreams
I notice his charger has gone lame,
His armour tarnished by rain.
And I wonder if my prince
Will ever get through
His final year at finishing school.
His riddle solving abilities are nil.
Unsurprising given the distractions
Of my big footed sisters
In their make-up and gowns.
Though frankly I’m disappointed
That he has fallen for something so obvious.
In truth I am losing all patience
And have half a mind to doze off for a while,
And put my dreams in their proper place.
I mean surely he must be well on his way by now.
Well perhaps I’ll wait a little longer.
And keep myself busy with some spinning.

Damsel Places 'Want' Ad

Fair damsel needs assistance
Turning frogs into princes
For ladies in waiting.
Patience essential when contemplating.
Defender against toads
To travel long roads;
Though gallantry desired
No armour is required.
Apply within thorn encrusted walls
(Must be able to catch her when she falls)
Blaggards will be deemed failed quirks of evolution
Rationed communication preferred to elocution.

Copyright remains with MD in perpetuity as are all written works on here actually.
(no point others getting blamed for it when they're not guilty, is there?)

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